The innovative functions and endless possibilities for aesthetic customisation offered by VK Design make it suitable for a vast range of uses, bringing simplicity, versatility and hygiene to any kind of setting.


Practical and sure to impress guests, VK design glass partition walls installed in a hotel room offer dynamic control of privacy between the bathroom and bedroom, without compromising on that sense of bright, airy spaciousness.

The hotel enhances its image with this element of technical innovation that offers guests an unexpected and playful experience. There are numerous possibilities for aesthetic customisation, adding decorations to enhance the interior design, helping make guests' stays pleasant and memorable.

VK Design's water resistance ensures the safety of bathrooms and shower enclosures.

The possibility to use rear projection in communal areas to show pictures and videos on the glass offers a further innovative tool for communicating with clients.
  • Easy privacy control between the bedroom and bathroom
  • IPX7 safety-tested in the bathroom and shower enclosure
  • Endless possible decorative effects for interior design
  • Rear projection of pictures and videos to communicate with clients
  • Hygiene and ease of cleaning


Multipurpose spaces that can transform from meeting rooms to private offices according to requirements: working environments increasingly need to be dynamic settings, facilitating teamwork or more reserved situations for meetings or individual activities, depending on the moment.

The possibility to rear-project pictures or videos directly onto the glass partitions optimises the use of space and provides a tool to improve collaboration between people.
  • Versatile working spaces, to house everything from secluded meetings to teamwork
  • Rear projection of pictures and videos FOR MEETINGS
  • Hygiene and ease of cleaning


VK Design technology is compatible with wet and humid environments, and is thus ideally suited for wellness centres and spas, with absolute safety guaranteed by IPX7 certification.

In these settings, VK Design is the solution that provides the right balance between privacy for customers and the need to make the various spaces bright and welcoming.

The installation of VK Design glass also ensures the utmost hygiene standards that are so fundamental in all public spaces.
  • IPX7 safety tested for humid environments and showers
  • Guaranteed privacy for customers
  • Absolute hygiene and ease of cleaning


Healthcare facilities more than anywhere else need to maintain optimum hygiene. Eliminating curtains means preventing bacteria and germs from collecting in the fabrics, which can be difficult to sanitise.

By installing VK Design glass, patient privacy can be managed in superlative hygiene conditions, even in situations requiring isolation.
  • Guaranteed to offer absolute hygiene
  • ease of cleaning
  • Guaranteed to give patients privacy without the use of curtains


Display windows are the first means of communication of a retail store. VK Design enhances their potential, offering the possibility of rear-projecting pictures and videos, screening off the shop interior or creating transparency effects, giving a striking means of announcing promotions, new products or campaigns of various kinds.

Used as partition walls for small internal rooms, VK Design glass allows you to create discreet spaces within distinctive stores such as jewellers, or to screen off fitting rooms in clothes shops.
  • Rear projection of pictures onto store windows
  • In-store screening
  • Creation of reserved areas within commercial premises
  • Hygiene and ease of cleaning


Technology is an increasingly key part of domestic environments, improving lifestyles as well as saving energy. Glass is a widely-used material in architecture and interior design, because it helps to create brightly-lit, minimalist spaces.

VK Design is ideal for controlling privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms, and can be used to create a screen for the kitchen in an open-plan home, or as a rear-projection screen for watching films. With its ability to block out UV rays, VK Design glass is also the perfect solution for exterior windows that also serve as sun protection, without the need for curtains.
  • Bright, discreet designer spaces
  • Perfect for partitions in large and open-plan spaces
  • Protection from the sun's rays and energy saving
  • Ease and speed of cleaning


VK Design glass is ideal for use in yacht interiors, where absolute efficiency of layout, millimetre-precise planning, attention to ease of cleaning and beautiful design are all key.

In the circumscribed spaces of the nautical world, which the boat's owner, guests and staff often share, VK Design ensures privacy without compromising on brightness.
  • Bright, discreet designer spaces
  • Easy cleaning and hygiene, no need for curtains
  • Dimensions customised to the millimetre


Customization, project development in tandem with the client, service, bespoke project management: the VITRIK production process is flexible, and can meet the customisation requirements of contract professionals.

In addition to the possibility to adapt dimensions to the millimetre, VITRIK also offers a vast range of aesthetic effects: the company's ongoing research and development into colours, materials and finishes means it can work with the client to develop even the most creative and innovative projects.

Vitrik can also supply materials for the completion of the project to match the smart glass installed, thus ensuring aesthetic continuity throughout the space.
  • Bespoke project management in tandem with the client
  • Endless product customisation options
  • Glass sizing to the millimetre
  • Vast range of aesthetic effects


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